Renaming a dog

I’ve been looking after a miniature schnauzer for ten days, a sweet little boy called Santa. His owner assured me that he was well behaved and well trained. He’s certainly not well trained – toilet trained, maybe, but he doesn’t know any basic commands (he will sit if you hold a treat over his nose, so he definitely could get it if he was trained, he just hasn’t been!). 

He’s very cute, a real velcro dog who wants to be by my side at all times. He can’t climb onto the bed by himself but he’ll put his front paws on the bed and wait for me to pick him up and then he’ll sleep on the bed all night. During the day he follows me about the flat, sitting on my feet wherever I am, unless I’m sitting on the sofa and then he’ll sit next to, or across, me.

He loves going outside and gets very excited if he thinks he’s going to go out. This means that every time I go to the bathroom (which is next to my front door) he gets excited and starts shuttling about in a circle and jumping up at me. Once outside, he wants to sniff everything, and any understanding of the word “sit” completely vanishes. He’s used to having two 20 minute walks per day but he’s been getting a lot more with me, usually more than 10,000 of my steps over the course of the day.

He doesn’t know his name, which is good because I don’t think Santa suits him and I forget to call him that most of the time. My friend Mahalia said he looks like a Gustav so he got renamed, but I also call him the following: Big G, shuttlepig, horror, piggo, superted, gougou, pumpkin, Rowley (the cat), Nancy (my friends schnauzer), Hazel (another friend’s schnauzer) and any number of other names that aren’t Santa.

One thought on “Renaming a dog

  1. What a cutie. We fostered a scruffy little dog who was named Randy. I felt weird calling a dog my dad’s name, so I just called him Stinky! Haha!


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