This little piggy went to market…

Buoyed by the purchase of a football shirt for 35 RMB last week, we decided to go hard on the shopping today.

No, not Ikea and or Carrefour (I’m not sure I can go back to Carrefour for a while anyway, after shouting at a woman about vegetables the other day). And not Nanjing Road or even Huaihai Road. Going hard on shopping in Shanghai means QIPU LU.
Qipu Lu, also known as “cheap street” is a market in the south of Hongkou. There’s an indoor market or two plus some shops out on the street itself. Each market has 4 or 5 floors of cheap Chinese fashion. It’s a bit of an assault course of touts (bag! watch! copy!) and some of the stuff on sale is a bit crap, but there are some finds to be had.

Today we picked up:

  • Two pairs of Adidas trainers for Matt. Very good copies but the guy we bought them from was a total dick, throwing shoes around and swearing at us. I went for a wander while Matt tried on different sizes and while I was gone the guy showed Matt some porn on his computer.
  • A new wallet as I’ve been using the Hello Kitty one I only bought as a joke.
  • Grey and black skirt from the Korean market. Matt says it looks like two school skirts stitched together. I think that’s why I like it. What does that say about me?
  • A belt for my work trousers as they keep falling down.
  • A pair of pyjamas for me, because I’m so rock and roll like that.

We couldn’t find any football shirts but I think we were in the wrong place as I couldn’t see any sportswear at all. There must be another market for that, though when I asked someone he took us to his friends stall with a few football shirts and then barricaded us in for a bit. Maybe we have to buy the shirts at the games.

We were a bit overwhelmed by this point and wanted out. One stop on the metro and we were at the relative civilisation of East Nanjing Road, and the first restaurant we saw was a vegetarian place. It was meant to be.

One thing I haven’t seen on any of my shopping excursions is wool. I miss doing crochet! If anyone, by any chance, knows where I can buy wool in Shanghai, please let me know!

After all that shopping I got a manicure before I headed off to Chinese class, and managed to fall asleep mid-manicure. Hey, shopping is tiring work…

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